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Stride Neutral Floor Cleaner
Johnson Diversey, 3.78 Ltr
Dura Plus Neutral Floor Cleaner
Dura Plus Neutral Floor Cleaner
Peppermint & Orange Scented,4/20 Ltr
Zaal Neutral Floor Cleaner
Zaal Neutral Floor Cleaner
Orange Scented, 4 Ltr
Neutral Floor Cleaner
Neutral Floor Cleaner
Dazodet – Avmor, 4 Ltr
Ultrachem - Purescuence
High Performance Floor Cleaner, Concentrated, 1 & 5 gallon
Dura Plus Neutral Floor Cleaner
Dura Plus - Pine Plus #DP61960
Concentrated Pine Floor Cleaner, 4 & 20 Ltr
Zaal Neutral Floor Cleaner
Echo Orange Grove
Extracted from Lime & Orange Peels, 4 Ltr
Neutral Floor Cleaner
Bona Hardwood and Laminate
Floor Cleaner, 1 Gallon & 946ml
All Purpose Cleaners- Concentrated (Industrial & Institutional Use)
Heavy Duty All Purpose Cleaner
Johnson Diversey, 3.78 Ltr
Ultrachem Cleaner & Conditioner
1 Gallon
GP Forward General Purpose Cleaner
Johnson Diversey, 18.9 Ltr

Window Cleaner - Concentrated (Industrial & Institutional Use)
Windex Glass Cleaner
5 Ltr Cleaner
Ultrachem Glass & Surface Cleaner
1 Gallon/5gallon
Sparyaway Glass Cleaner
539 gm
Crystal HP Glass Cleaner
4 Ltr

Degreaser - Concentrated (Industrial & Institutional Use)
Ultrachem Super
Ultrachem Super Heavy duty Degreaser
1 Gallon/5gallon
Durplus Citrico
Dura Plus Citrico High Performance
Degreaser with Citrus Fragrance, 20 Ltr & 4 Ltr
Avmor Ecopure
Avmor Ecopure Heavyduty Degreaser
EP67, 4 Ltr/20 Ltr, green seal
Zaal Heavy Duty
Solvx Dura Plus Cleaner/Blue Degreaser
Concentrated, 4 Ltr & 20 Ltr
Fryer, Oven & Griddle Cleaner Concentrated (Industrial & Institutional Use)
Avmor Chef Oven &
Avmor Chef Oven & Fryer Cleaner
4 Ltr/20 Ltr
Durplus Gril - Pro
Durplus Gril - Pro Grill & Oven Cleaner
4 Ltr /20 Ltr
Zaal F.O.G Cleaner
Zaal F.O.G Cleaner
4 Ltr
Sprayaway Grill &
Sprayaway Grill & Oven Cleaner
510 gm
Disinfectant/Sanitizer - Concentrated (Industrial, Hospital & Institutional Use)
Ultrachem   Q-128
Ultrachem Q-128 Detergent /Disinfectant
Fungicide & Virucide, 1/5 Gallon
Avmor Ecopure EP66
Avmor Ecopure EP66 Disinfectant
4 Ltr /20 Ltr, green seal certified
Zaal Q10 Disinfectant
Zaal Q10 Disinfectant Cleaner, Food safe, 4 ltr
Avmor Disinfectant & No Rinse
Avmor Disinfectant & No Rinse Sanitizer
4 Ltr and 946 ml Suitable for food safe
12% Javex Bleach
Dura Plus - Duoquat All Purpose
Cleaner/Disinfectant/Sanitizer, 4 Ltr
12% Javex Bleach
Disinfectant Spray # SW015DIN
For Health Care Use Sprayway - 15.5 oz
12% Javex Bleach
Avmore - EP50, 3 IN ONE
All Purpose, Disinfectant & Glass Cleaner, Green Seal Certified, 4 Ltr
12% Javex Bleach
Avmor Germalin Leminee23
Disinfectant Cleaner & Degreaser 4 Ltr, Pleasant Lemon Scent
12% Javex Bleach
12% Javex Bleach
12% Javex Bleach
Cleaner's Domestic
Liquid Bleach, 3.6 Ltr. 6%
Deodorizers - Concentrated (Industrial & Institutional Use)
Avmor Bano-O
Avmor Bano-O Liquid Deodrant
4 Ltr
Ultrachem D-Odor
Ultrachem D-Odor
1 Gallon/ 5 Gallon
Avmor Odour Eliminator
Avmor Odour Eliminator
946 Ml
Good Sense Liquid
Deoderizer: Diversey - Break Down
Enzyme Bases Concentrated, 1 Gallon
Manual Dishwashing Soaps (Industrial &Institutional Use)
Avmor EP91 - Ecopure
Avmor EP91 - Ecopure
Pot and Pan Detergent 4 Ltr, green seal certified
Zaal Lemon Fresh
Zaal Lemon Fresh Dishwashing Liquid
3.78 Ltr
Dura Plus Limexl
Dura Plus Limex Dishwashing Detergent
3.78 Ltr
Jiffy – Dishwashing Liquid
Jiffy – Dishwashing Liquid Diversey
3.78 Ltr
Hand Soaps & Hand Sanitizers (Industrial, Institutional & Home Use)
              Zaal Pink/WhiteLotion/ Foam
Zaal Pink/WhiteLotion/ Foam
Hand Soap, Spring Scent 4 Ltr
Dura Plus Pink Lotion
Dura Plus Pink Lotion Hand Soap
3.78 Ltr
Dura Plus Antibacterial
Dura Plus Antibacterial Lotion Soap
3.78 Ltr
Lever 2000
Lever 2000 Antibacterial Liquid Soap
3.78 Ltr
Machine Dishwashing Soaps (Industrial & Institutional & Restaurant Supplies)
Dura Plus Max Det
Dura Plus Max Det Dishwashing
Detergent & Max Kleer Rinse Agent 4 ltr/ 20 Ltr
ECHO Commercial Machine Dishwashing All Temp Detergent
Sanitizer & Rinse Agent, Avail in 20 Ltr
ECHO Bar Glass Cleaner,
Rinse Agent & Sanitizer Available in 4 Ltr
Alouette Clean Wash Bar
ECHO Machine Dishwashing Sanitizer
4 Ltr & 20 Ltr
Alouette Clean San
ECHO Machine Dishwashing Detergent
High Temp, Available in 4 Ltr & 20 Ltr
Alouette Clean San
Polythene Gloves 500 Pk, Blue & White Hair Net 100 Pk
Aprons - Yellow and White, Beard Net - 100 pk

Carpet Care (Industrial &Institutional Use)
Ultrachem- Clean
Ultrachem- CleanCarpet And
Upholstery Cleaner 1 Gallon/ 5 Gallon
Avmor Concentrated
Avmor Concentrated Carpet Cleaner
4 Ltr / 20 Ltr
Avmor Track-5
Avmor Track-5 Traffic Spotter to clean Highly Dirty carpet, 4 Ltr/20 Ltr
Avmor Bye Bye Foam
Avmor Bye Bye Foam Defoaming Agent
4 Ltr / 20 Ltr
Carpet Science
Echo Liquid Carpet Cleaner 20 Ltr
Carpet Science
Carpet Science Spot & Stain Remover
Johnson Diversey, 946 ml
Carpet Science
Proxi Carpet & Upholstery Stain Cleaner
4 Ltr & 946ml
Green Products
Green Works
Green Works Bathroom Cleaner
709 ml
Vision- Green
Vision- Green All Purpose Cleaner
LW34103, 4Ltr/5Ltr
Green Works Glass &
Green Works Glass & Surface
Cleaner CL01067, 946 ml
Vision Green
Vision Green Bowl Cleaner
909 ml
Specialized Products
Vision- D’Grout –Tile,
D Grout Tile & Grout Cleaner, 4 Ltr
Crew Tile & Grout Rejuvenator, 946ml
3M Scotchgard
3M Scotchgard Protector for Fabric &
Upholstery, 283 gm
Dura Plus- Mecano
Dura Plus- Mecano Hand Soap for
Greese, Tar, Carbon, Paint, Rust, Glue etc 3.78 ltr
3M Trouble Shooter
ICE MELTER - Enviromelt 50 Lb
Green Solution ice Melt Sage for Children and Pets, Reduces damage to Grass, Trees & Shrubs

3M Trouble Shooter
Neutralizer and Salt Remover for Floors & Carpets, Green Seal
Ecopure Avmore EP88, 4 Ltr
3M Trouble Shooter
3M Trouble Shooter Baseboard Stripper
for removing soil & Wax Build up, 600 gm.
Torpedo - Avmor
Torpedo - Avmor Liquid Drain Opener
909 ml.
Torpedo - Avmor
Sprayway-Vinyl & Leather CleanerOrange De-Solv-It Contractors
15 oz, Cleans, Protects & Restores the appearance
Torpedo - Avmor
Orange De-Solv-It Contractors Solvent
Removes Caulks, Silicone, Roofing Tar, Wet Paint, Floor Adhesive, Wet Fiam & More 957 ml
Torpedo - Avmor
ECHO Freezer Cleaner, Non Freezing Scrub Detergent
4 Ltr
Torpedo - Avmor
ECHO Household Ammonia
4 Ltr
Torpedo - Avmor
Power White ECHO Liquid Laundry Detergent
For Institutional Use – 4 Ltr
Torpedo - Avmor
Liquid plumber # CL01165
Pro Clog Remover 2.37 Ltr
Torpedo - Avmor
Goof Off
Removes the tough Stuff- Paint, Tar, Nail Polish, Glue etc ….
Torpedo - Avmor
Mold Control Concrobium
KILL, Clean & Prevent Mold & Mildew
Torpedo - Avmor
Dust Mop Treatment
Vision’s –3.78 Ltr #LW34744 Sprayway - 14oz, #SW875W
Torpedo - Avmor
Diversey Crew tile & Grout Cleaner
946 ml
Torpedo - Avmor
ECHO Powdered Moss Remover
(Deck & Siding Cleaner) 5 Kg
Torpedo - Avmor
ECHO Truck & Power Wash chemical
20 Ltr
Torpedo - Avmor
ECHO Enzyme Drain Treatment, Stain Remover & Odour Control
4 Ltr
Torpedo - Avmor
KLEENGLO All Purpose Cleaner
Natural & Non Toxic, 500gm
Torpedo - Avmor
Bona Hardwood and Laminate
Floor Cleaner, 1 Gallon & 946ml